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Trevor Haynes
Arctic Beringia Fisheries Ecologist
As an ecologist interested in the study of natural animal populations, Trevor Haynes has always been fascinated by the Arctic. Trevor began his research career in more temperate regions, earning his Master’s degree with the University of Victoria examining the habitat use of the Pacific sand lance, a key marine forage fish in the Pacific Northwest. For his doctorate degree with the University of Alaska, Trevor shifted his focus to Arctic species, investigating the distributions of Arctic fish and fundamental aspects of loon nesting ecology. During this research, Trevor became intensely interested in the ecological processes that influence the distributions, movements and behavior of Arctic animals. Through his current post-doctoral position with the Wildlife Conservation Society and the University of Alaska, Trevor continues to pursue his passion for high latitude research in his study of Arctic lagoon ecology. Trevor plans to apply his background in fisheries biology and distribution modeling to improve the understanding of Arctic lagoon systems, including their importance for Arctic fish and subsistence fisheries.
Tyler de Jong
Geomatics Specialist
Tyler de Jong holds the position of Geomatics Specialist in our Whitehorse office. Geomatics uses mapping tools and remote sensing information to build pictures of landscapes and changes over time, and to overlay critical information, like mining claims, species habitat ranges or newly planned roads. Tyler has a BA in Geomatics and Spatial Analysis and an MSc in Geography from the University of Ottawa. From 2014 to 2016, he was a Research Associate at Wilfrid Laurier University supporting projects in the Western Arctic. His previous work looked at assessing glacier surface change, mapping snowpack characteristics and assessing the increase in shrubby vegetation in the low Arctic. Tyler has also spent numerous field seasons in the Arctic and southern Yukon ground-truthing satellite imagery. At WCS Canada, Tyler is supporting the Arctic Beringia and Northern Boreal Mountains projects amongst others.
William Halliday
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Arctic Beringia Program
William is the Arctic Beringia Post-Doctoral Fellow for WCS Canada. William's work is focused on assessing the impacts of climate change on the marine acoustic landscape in the eastern Beaufort Sea, with a specific focus on marine mammals such as bowhead whales. William completed his PhD at the University of Ottawa, where he studied habitat selection by snakes and beetles. Before this, William completed his HBSc and MSc at Lakehead University, where he developed an enthusiasm for Arctic research while studying habitat selection by lemmings in the Canadian Arctic over four summers.
Zoe Smith
Adirondacks Landscape Coordinator
Zoe Smith joined WCS in 2000 and is currently the Landscape Coordinator for the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Adirondack Program. Her conservation interests lie in working with communities on local issues particularly wildlife conflict on the human/wild interface and building local leadership for conservation. Zoe is an active member of the Adirondack Common Ground Alliance core group and participates in various regional Smart Growth projects. Zoe was an appointed member of the Northern Forest Center’s Sustainable Economy Initiative that developed a 4-state economic strategy for rural Northern Forest communities. Zoe leads WCS’ Black Bear Education, Awareness, and Research Program and is a member of the New York State Black Bear Management Team. She currently sits on the Boards of the Adirondack Economic Development Corporation and Sustainable Communities Inc. Zoe has lived and worked in the Adirondack Park for almost 20 years and is an active member of her local community. Her professional background is in wilderness recreation leadership, management, and community building. She holds a BA in Natural Resource Economics from SUNY Fredonia.
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