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The boreal landscapes of Canada and small parts of the northeastern US are critical breeding grounds to numerous species of birds which provide important ecological services.  In contrast to the relatively low diversity of other vertebrate taxa in northern boreal landscapes, bird diversity in these regions is extremely high.  The Adirondack Park is located in the transition zone between temperate forest to the south and boreal forests of the north, and supports a rich avifauna, including the northern species which are icons of the boreal.

WCS focuses on boreal birds and their habitats within the Adirondack Park because they are among the species and habitats most iconic, but at the same time most vulnerable, in this landscape.  Within the eastern part of North America, these birds are at their southernmost distribution here.  Understanding changes in their abundance and distribution provides a tool for monitoring the effects of climate change, the speed at which it is occurring in our landscape, and whether its impacts will be anything like we predict them to be.


Boreal Birds in the Adirondacks

At risk under a changing climate, the boreal bird species of the Adirondacks and the unique lands that they inhabit have not been well-understood until recently. WCS is engaged in research to understand the distribution and abundance of these species, in order to provide information to improve management for these species and habitats.  Read More >>

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